Jeff Geudens

I am a Civil and IT Engineer

About Me

I am an ambitious, hard-working and sociable guy. I like getting stuff done and I am not afraid of getting my hands dirty. I am passionate about photography, infrastructure, technology, smart cities, sports and travelling. Consistency and simplicity are two traits that I value highly. I love contributing to complex projects and working in teams where I can make a difference. 

As a graduated civil engineer I love working on projects that have an impact. This varies from participating in the creation of landmarks  to beautiful public buildings or infrastructure projects. As a civil engineer, I have spent 2 years working abroad as an operational superintendent for the dredging company Jan De Nul creating new land, maintaining important access channels and cleaning up polluted soils.

After those two years, in 2017, I decided to start studying again in order to explore the possibilities of upcoming (digital) technologies and how they can and will change our lives. I am convinced that these new technologies shape both our presence and future. Through the knowledge of these new technologies, I want to be able to explore new possibilities and discover opportunities in different businesses.

I try to spend most of my free time travelling, taking pictures and enjoying the great outdoors. When I’m not doing either of these, you can probably find me thinking of new projects, checking out a new series, editing my pictures or enjoying a cold Belgian beer on a sunny terrace.


Jan De Nul NV

As an operational superintendent you are responsible for the successfull completion of the dredging works. You organize the work in such a way that the required standards and prcedures regarding safety and quality are respected.

You determine the most efficient dredging method and monitor the output of the works on a daily basis. In case of deviations from the planning, you search for the cause and adjust the method if necessary.
You report on a regular basis to Project Management and to the office in Aalst.

Oskarshamn (SE)

Oskarshamn is a Swedish port city with a rich industrial history. In the past, a copper production site and battery factory discharged their contaminated waste water into the sea, resulting in the whole harbour basin becoming contaminated. At the time (2018), the remediation of this harbour is the biggest environmental project ever executed in Sweden.

As a operational superintendent I was responsible for following up on the production of the dredger Pinta, thinking of the optimal dredging strategy but also for technical details in cooperation with the captain. On this construction site, it was also the superintendents responsibility to execute the daily surveys of the sea bottom.

Kamsar (GN)

Kamsar, a very small port in Guinea, exists due to the export of raw bauxite. For more than 50 years there was only one company involved in this business but that is about to change due to the presence of GAC, a wholly-owned subsidiary of EGA. JDN was responsible for the site infill and elevation of 50 hectares of land for a rail loop and bulk materials handling facilities.

My responsibilities varied from the preparations to get the five kilometer pipeline in place to coordinating the works on the sandfield during the reclamation and exporting all the equipment back home after completion of the works.

Kaohsiung (TW)

In Kaohsiung, Taiwan, the development is transitioning seamlessly from the residential area to the port area. In order to offer residents a better living environment and create additional transhipment capacity, the port has been expanded offshore. JDN was besides Van Oord responsible for extending the existing port towards the sea.

During my 2 months in Kaohsiung, I followed up closely on the production of the vessel Charles Darwin. Project planning and execution was done in a small team of project manager, technical superintendent and surveyor.

Mailiao (TW)

The port of Mailiao needs regular dredging due to sedimentation. These dredging works were performed by the vessels Charles Darwin and Vitus Bering.

During this short project I followed up on the production of the vessel and the dredge planning.

Tung Hsiao (TW)

For the renewal of the existing power plant in Tung Hsiao, Taiwan, a new trench had to be dredged for the cooling pipes into the sea. This project was executed with the vessel Vitus Bering.

Abidjan (CI)

To strengthen the competitiveness of the Port of Abidjan, the Ivory Coast authorities have undertaken an ambitious infrastructure development project. This capital expansion scheme included the enlargement/deepening of the Vridi Canal and the construction of the second container terminal to increase port’s cargo capacity. JDN reclaimed 27 hectares to construct the terminal. After the reclamation, the area had to be protected with rock revetments and newly planted grass.

As this was my very first project as an operational superintendent, I started by following up on the on-shore operations at the sandfield followed by the rock revetments. 

Internships, Student Jobs & volunteering


CHARP combines its expertise in building physics, state-of-the-art Internet-of-Things (IoT) and software into intuitive tools for building experts to monitor, analyse, benchmark and optimize actual energy use, indoor climate and user comfort of built assets in real-time.

During my internship at CHARP, I got to conduct a market analysis as well as an analysis of possible competitors. The project’s goal was to identify possibilities on how to differentiate the product and think of a strategy on how to develop the existing platform. This project was carried out over a period of 3 weeks.



Eventigrate is a multi-event solution bringing context- and location-based information to every stakeholder of an event.

I joined Eventigrate for one day a week through the Students@Startups-program of Academics for Companies (AFC) to get a better insight into the world of entrepreneurship and help them on a small case study.


Sporta makes people move through various sports centra, teams and summer camps. 

Since I was young, I joined them on several of their camps which are incredibly fun. After that, I decided to be a monitor myself in order to be able to give other children the summer of their life.

For 4 years I joined several camps in Belgium and abroad with youngsters from 8 to 18 years old.

VTK Praesidium

The VTK Praesidium is the board of and for the approximately 2000 engineering students in Leuven. The board consists completely of volunteers. This board organizes many different activities, represents the students on different levels and gets them into contact with future employers.

For two years, I was part of this board organizing and helping out on different activities and events.

2013 – 2014: responsible for “Sports”
2014 – 2015: responsible for “Corporate Relations“


Electronics - IT (MSc)

KU Leuven
Faculty of Engineering Technology
September 2017 -  June 2019

Civil Engineering (MSc)

KU Leuven
Faculty of Engineering Science
Thesis: An improved static-dynamic model for bridge supports
September 2013 - June 2015
Exchange: NTNU, Trondheim, Norway (Fall 2014)

Civil Engineering (BSc)

KU Leuven
Faculty of Engineering Science
September 2010 - June 2013

Mathematics - Sciences






Programming Languages

Java, SQL, Matlab, C, Python, Lua

In progress: HTML, CSS, Javascript, C++


MS Office, Windows, Linux, MySQL, SQLite, Android Studio,  Lightroom, QINSy, EAGLE, Vivado


Team Player
Analytical Thinking
Problem solving